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Create conscious work-life balance

Are you feeling depleted at the end of the day and still feel like you didn’t complete anything? Then you’re at the right place.

Let’s start with understanding the problem and then taking small bite size steps every day to get to living your best life.

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Elevate your physical, mental and emotional health and find time to create the things you love the most.

Why Conscious life club?

Hi, I’m Arpita Patel!

I wear many hats – Mother, Corporate leader, Yoga teacher (soon-to-be Yoga therapist), Life coach, Confidence mentor, and future Psychologist. My main gig? Helping working folks like you find that sweet spot between work and life and thrive.

I get it – juggling work and everything else can make our health take a backseat. I’ve been there too.

So, every day, I make a conscious effort to live a balanced life. It’s about finding that middle ground between all my responsibilities and taking care of my health. I do it for myself and my loved ones.

That’s why I started the Conscious Life Club. It’s a place where I can help you find that same balance without it taking up all your time.

My goal is simple: I want to help you thrive, build up your physical and mental strength, and be your best self instead of just getting through each day.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

Let’s connect!

Glad I reached arpita when I felt I couldn’t help myself. With her guidance and constant support I was able to come out of my dark negative thoughts. In this journey I found who I am, connected to god deeply and my thought process has been changed for good. I’m able to handle my thoughts well and not getting affected by others. I follow the yoga and breathing practice everyday to keep myself energetic. Feel calm and more connected to the moment. This makes me less irritated and spend quality time. Thank you arpita without your support I might have lost myself somewhere.


Yoga is undoubtedly beneficial for physical and mental health but can be very daunting for ones trying for the first time. I am glad I started with Arpita who made it very simple and doable for me. The best investment of the year, truly going to be helpful life long. I can recommend her enough to all. No matter what level you are at, she takes you from there and moves with you. Thank you for this experience Arpita! Highly recommended for sure!!

Madeeha Sajid

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me this year- my life has improved dramatically. I’m much better at self care, saying no to overtime, setting boundaries with the foster care agency and asking for help. Thank you Arpita!

Lindsay MacphersonPediatric nurse

As I commence my daily routin of self-care, I remember not so long ago when I could not bend down due to pain in my back and in between my shoulder blades being so bad it drastically limited my movements, I had injured my back so many times through my career before the 'no lift' policy was introduced. Working as a nurse in a hospital and community environment navigating through a new era of Covid-19 environment and living with autoimmune issues, I was worried about contracting Covid-19, and spreading it to my loved ones. I was emotionally exhausted and confused, and close to 'burnout'.
I knew I had to do something to help me navigate through these trying times. It was around the same time I came across Arpita's Facebook site.
I have not looked back since, so as I do my morning routine and bending down pain free with ease (who would have thought it possible!), and reflect on how far I have come, I am amazed of how my life has turned around. Even relationships with my loved ones is enriched.
I have learnt how to manage all aspects of my life ranging from emotions, pain, and self-care. My quality of life has improved out of site! I am eternally ever so grateful for what Arpita has taught me. Thanks Arpita!

Michelle ClarkNurse

a well-balanced life

a well-balanced life

a well-balanced life

a well-balanced life

a well-balanced life

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

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